Mini Dim Sum Shrimps

Fish Type: Shrimps

Category: Breaded

Pack Sizes:

  • 200g


The term ‘dim sum’ refers to a vast array of bite-sized dishes typically eaten over a long brunch and served with tea. Siblou's Dim Sum consist mainly of Shrimps and are to be fried.

Cook from frozen.Deep fry them in pre-heated vegetable oil at 160°C for 3 to 4 minutes until reaching a golden color.

Per 100g: Energy: 506 kJ (121 kcal) / Proteins: 17g / Carbohydrates: 4g / Fat: 4g

+4°C - 24 hours / -6°C - 4 days / -12°C - 2 weeks / -18°C - Until Expiry Date / This product is frozen. Do not refreeze after defrosting

  • Lebanon
  • United Arab Emirates