Seafood Cocktail

Fish Type: Cocktail

Category: Food Service

Pack Sizes:

  • 1kg


Processed from a delicate combination of blanched, peeled & deveined shrimps (Parapenaeopsis Hardwickii), squid rings & tentacles (Loligo Edulis), octopus cuts (Octopus Vulgaris) & yellow clams’ meat (Paphia Undulata).

Can be used for paella, salads or as pizza topping. This product is partially cooked and should be cooked before consumption.

Per 100g: Energy: 227 kJ (66 kcal) / Protein: 13.24g / Carbohydrates: 1.0g / Fat: 1.0g

+4°C - 24 hours / -6°C - 4 days / -12°C - 2 weeks / -18°C - Until Expiry Date / This product is frozen. Do not refreeze after defrosting

  • Lebanon